Perhaps it´s much easier to describe the work we do, how and when. We are motivated by constant travel, operations and destinations visited that considered going further. We Developed a new alternative support, guidance, advice and travel management for our client peers. It´s a service that others provide and we are not inventing the wheel, we make the difference in our direct personalized service and reliability to our customers.

Vid Adventures Travel, Inc.

Specialising in liveaboard and resort-based outdoors holidays including ecotours, luxury tours, fly fishing and diving sports we at Vid Adventures Travel, Inc. are pleased to offer a range of exciting worldwide adventures opportunities. Creating inspirational experiences is what we're all about and we work with the best people in the industry to make this happen. Explore the world-famous reefs and wrecks around the world on board the Vid Adventures Travel, Inc. fleet vessels. Venture to the Pacific Ocean to the maritime museums of Truk Lagoon & Bikini Atoll, the unique archipelagos of Palau and French Polynesia, or the untouched Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea. Enjoy fishing tarpons, permits, barracudas, and big fishes in the best places in the world like Cuban Marine Parks, the beautiful Jardines de la Reina and Cayo Largo, Belize destinations, Patagonian destinations. Experience marine biodiversity at its finest in Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines, or take on the trip of a lifetime to the Americas; choose from the idyllic Bahamas, the amazing Cuba vintage, the iconic Galapagos or visit the country of ultimate contrast, Mexico.
Our expert travel team are always happy to help, have the knowledge and experience required to find your perfect holiday!
We believe in adding value wherever possible, not only through our competitive prices, but also in the services we provide. We make quality of service paramount; from initial enquiry in the US to organisation in resort... our team are always available to help.
Being unique is also very important to us and our speciality itineraries where education about marine conservation is key.
Striving to make every possible aspect of business operations ethical and sustainable is high on our agenda for 'Best in a Marine Environment' is testament to this aim.

All of our tourism programs has over 15 years of experience.

They got the know how years ago, giving us the confidence to be partners. Our Patagonia connections are from both sides of the Andes Mountain Chain, in Chile, Bolivia and Argentina, down to the southernmost fishing place in the world Cape Horn. Those RUNs where you can cast a 2 weight rod with a #20 soft hackle in your 6X tippet and the other day you figure working on your snake roll with a two handed and articulated bunny leech, waders On. Thinking on shorts, light shirts, and quick dry clothes, no doubt Caribbean waters are the places to go. Vid Adventures Travel, Inc. is a travel agency thought to contact people from around the world who like outdoors sports like fly fishing and scuba diving, and luxury trips, providing the ability to "connect" them with operations and accredited professional guides, travel destinations, fresh information, reports and reviews. We encourage the highest standards of quality and services. Our project emerges as distinct from individual instances currently active in Patagonia and Caribbean.

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