High Parana

The High Parana and Refugio Amokagny are reached by commercial domestic flights from Buenos Aires. The flight from Buenos Aires to Resistencia or Corrientes is about one hour and fifteen minutes. You are shuttled from the airport to the lodge via private car or van, with a travel time of about one hour and forty minutes. At the end of your stay you are shuttled to your next destination. If going directly back to Buenos Aires, there is a commercial flight there from Corrientes, the sister city to Resistencia. Private charter flights are also available from a strip within twenty minutes of Refugio Amokagny and can be arranged for most other fishing destinations.

High Parana is a large tailwater system about 70 kilometers below the Yacireta Dam. Because it is a tailwater, unlike other large Argentine rivers, the water is generally clear. The nature of the river and fish requires skill, so those better and more experienced casters are rewarded. The reason for this is that most of the fishing is site casting to fish you see, or have seen, near tree stumps, behind rocks, or under overhangs and along cut banks. Accurate casts are rewarded. You will be fishing for up to about 25 pound Dorados, but most will be 5 to 10 pounds.

Pacu is considered the permit of Argentina, and is the attraction for the best anglers because of its size and power. Pacu in the 14 to 25 pound range are caught, but most will be 8 to 12 pounds.

The Pira Pita is a smaller fish, to about 15 pounds, and acts basically like a trout. Even though it looks nothing like a trout or salmon it is called the Paraná Salmon because of its red meat. It is a hard fighter with good jumps and can be skittish and sometimes hard to hook. There are two different species of this fish, white and yellow. Many fishermen go to the High Parana just to fish for Pira Pita. It is unique to this area. Pacu and Pira Pita take dry flies, often dead drifted, just like fishing for Montana trout. It is an incredible experience to see one of these big bruisers slowly come to the surface and sip in your bumble bee or another insect imitation.

Other species include Dentuda (a small barracuda looking fish) and Palometa, the largest of the piranha. Most of the fishing is done from boats, but when the dam releases a lot of water, it is possible to wade the small side channels, much like you would wade a stream for trout. Because it is a tailwater, it is not susceptible to low water. The Parana is a huge river, several miles wide in some places, and you will mostly be fishing side channels that are 50 to 150 yards wide. The boats are designed so two fishermen are casting at the same time. The ecosystem of the Parana is essentially a jungle environment. There are monkeys in the trees, toucans, and an array of other birds and animals.

Refugio Amokagny is located by the Paraná River, in the Itá Ibaté town of Corrientes Argentina. The rooms are classic hotel accommodations, with a bit of aristocracy thrown in. Each has air conditioning and a private bath. Meals are classic Argentine fair with copious amounts of good wine, and in the warmer months served outdoors on the expansive lawn.
Clients rave about the hospitality of the Refugio Amokagny and overall environment. The fishing day is split, with lunch at the lodge and time for a siesta. We start early, with breakfast at about 6:00 AM, breaking for lunch at 12:00 or so, and then returning to the river at 3:30 PM for fishing until dark. This maximizes the productive bite time.

Sample package, 7 nights and 6 days of fishing at Refugio Amokagny

All fishing (double occupancy boat) with one guide
All fishing (double occupancy boat) with one guide
Double occupancy lodging
Beer, wines and meals
Transfers from Resistencia/Corrientes AEP to and from Refugio Amokagny
Fishing license

Not Includes
Fishing Gear
International flights
Buenos Aires to/from Resistencia
Any other cost not mentioned

Trip Insurance
Dorado on the Fly recommends the purchase of trip cancellation and medical evacuation insurance, which are both available at reasonable costs. Please check with us for recommendations.