Lodge Lakutaia

Staying at the end of the Americas in Lakutaia Lodge is a privilege of few, you can see places of unparalleled beauty and still untouched. Enjoy the majestic Cordillera Darwin crowned by innumerable glaciers on the southern tip of Tierra del Fuego. For those that love fly-fishing, having the possibility of making it to lakes and rivers that other lovers of this sport can’t make it to is no doubt a very attractive notion.

LAKUTAIA LODGE invites you to not only make this a reality but also to Fly Fish in the southern-most parts of the planet where there are Brown Trout, Brook Trout, Rainbow Trout and Sea Run.

We have often heard of fisheries in countries near the North Pole as “the last frontier” of fly fishing. This Chilean exploration of fly fishing at the end of america is the southermost fly fishing expedition in the Americas. Its latitude is only comparable to the South Island of New Zealand. Base on a HELI Fishing program you´ll be fishing the Cape Horn on Navarino Island area. Be part of this incredible experience!!

Fishing at the most southern river of the Chilean Patagonia, the drainage of the Navarino lake, this river is full of Brook and Brown trout, and minor amount of rainbow trout, this is a river to fly fishing with floating and wet fly’s. We recommend taking a wading stick to cross the river, because this river is very slippery.

The sizes can get about 34” a record worldwide.

Rafael Gónzalez, founder of the first “Lodge” in Rio Grande, Tierra del Fuego, Chile. Is the owner of the company “Magallanes Fly Fishing” specialized in fly fishing trips in Chile and Argentina for an about 20 years. Nowadays working in Navarino Island with “Lakutaia Lodge” will be your host during your stay. Few peoples know Tierra del Fuego and surrounding areas like him, so that´s why he’s at the front of this endeavour.

Navarino Island Lakutaia Lodge is located 15 minutes flight from the heart of the last frontier surrounded by rivers, lakes and lagoons in the world southernmost allowing a variety of alternatives in the days of fishing.
Has 24 comfortable double rooms with private bath, central heating, international and typical regional cuisine, spacious halls for a comfortable stay and a nice library –map place where guests can look for all the topics related to ethnic groups, botany, fauna and geography of this southern region.
Guest on the Heli Fly Fishing Program use rooms with a view of the Beagle Channel.
The Lodge has 220 volt 50 cycle power and takes the rounded two-prong adaptors. The Lodge has adaptors for their guests. Just ask for assistance.
Telephone and internet services are available.

Transfer to and from Puerto Williams from Punta Arenas (regular flight) or from Ushuaia (by sea). 3 nights accommodation at the LAKUTAIA LODGE .
All meals (including wine).
Guided visit of the Omora Ethnobotanical Park.
Two days fishing arriving by private helicopter (location previously agreed upon specialist guide Mr. Rafael Gonzalez). Fishing Licence.
Access to all Lodge Activities (minigolf, kayaking, cycling).
Free drinks (Premium liquors excluded).
Medical Evaluation and rescuer service (if required).

Additional days stay.
Personal Calls.
Premium Wines and Premium Liquors.
Program for Companion includes all activities offered by the Lakutaia Lodge except for Flight over Cape Horn.
Enquire about our combined programs with Rio Grande (Argentina) and Tierra del Fuego (Chile)

Medical Recommendations
All guests have the responsibility to disclose any kind of special medical, physical or dietary needs to the Lodge ahead of time in order to facilitate an enjoyable excursion. The Lodge will make every effort to ensure your safety while you are a guest at the Lodge; however, outdoor activities of this nature are not entirely without risk. The Lodge recommends investing in travel insurance.
The lodge recommends 10% of the lodge rate as total tip for the program’s guides and staff. Guides generally fish an 8-hour day, but they will cater to the serious angler who fishes longer hours; in this case guide tips should be adjusted accordingly.

Temperatures rage is from 40‘s in the morning to over 80 in the afternoon. Bring
warm clothing that can be layered.

Pack light, warm and windproof clothing. Those visiting us in the late season can count on cold mornings and evenings. Wind bloc and Wind Stopper fleece products are very good and when combined with breathable waders and jacket, offer superior protection that will keep you warm and comfortable all day. Prepare to dress in layers. Remember your sunscreen and polarized sunglasses!

You will need a valid passport to enter Chile. Please make sure your passport is valid for six months after the last day of your trip. Please note that Chile charges a one-time entrance fee of $130 dollars US before you clear customs when entering the country. Please be prepared to pay this in cash.