Garbut´s Brothers

The Garbutt’s Brothers Lodge greatest thing about this operation is that it is a ” family ” run program. Scully, Oliver and Eworth as the guides. An the older brother Dennis as the Lodge Manager. When fishing out of Garbutt’s Fishing Lodge, you are not just another guest, you become part of our family for the time your in our care.

Season: Year round

For over fifteen years, ” Scully, Oliver and Eworth “ have been guiding the waters of Punta Gorda, east to Sapodilla Cayes, and norht to Placencia. Now after working for several lodges through the region, they now have a fishing lodge of their own, ” Garbutt’s Fishing Lodge “. A new fishing focused operation with the best location in all of Southern Belize.

Punta Gorda is a destination where the primary objective is the PERMIT, 20 minutes sailing north lies a small system islands, fished the flats that surround them, width varies between 30m and 70m, mainly fished deep changes. Garbutts Brothers guide in the area for 18 years, averaging 150 days of fishing a year with 120 catches of permit per year, an excellent record. The Permits are present all year round, chances of capturing are weather dependent delivering an average day about 20 shots, for the best you can have 30/35 chances!. Nearby islands, two rivers flow in the sea where you can catch residents tarpons between 10 and 30 lbs and very good size snook.

A 45 ‘sailing on calm days and no more than 1 ½ hours on windy days, is Sapodilla Cayes, a system of five keys on the Belize Barrier Reef, is a perfect place for fishing for bonefish, for its abundance and the possibility of always pulling on “fish tailing”, averaged 2/2.5 lbs, with a good chance of capture between 4/5 lbs up to 7lbs and sporadic. There are also four good spots to try fishing permits.

March, April and May are the most stable weather months, but most fishing pressure, June and July are somewhat rainy, August, September and October are usually very good, with a climate more unstable than 3 months top, but with much less fishing pressure. From November to February the chances are good if you do not fall cold fronts. We recommend using 7 or 8 teams for bonefish, permit and 9 for 9 or 10 for tarpon.

Garbutt’s Fishing Lodge fish with 23 footsuper-spangas, boats that are ideal for both polling the flats and running over open water. All of our boats have polling platforms and are designed for fly fishing, with spacious casting decks and clean interiors. While loaner rods are available if needed, it is advised that anglers bring their own tackle and equipment.

The lodge is located on a small point of land on the Joe Taylor Creek, the lodge is in the Town of Punta Gorda, just a couple minutes walk and your in center of Town. The lodge overlooks the Joe Taylor Creek on the back and the beautiful Caribbean Sea to the front. Upstairs of the lodge main building is ” Grand Slam Bar ” a new eating and drinking establishment with great character and excelent decor.

Menu is a combination of fresh seafood dishes and traditional Creole cuisine that includes stewed chicken, pork, rice and beans with fresh vegetables. Which is prepared by the Garbutt’s Family.On the smaller point of land on Joe Taylor Creek are the cabins, imaginatively perfect. Each commodious cabin features two beds, a private bath, hot showers, air conditioning units, cable TV set, wireless internet, and most of all a well put together deck that hangs over the open sea and another that allows you to overlook the Joe Taylor Creek.

Apart from premier services, enjoy nature’s share of this prestigious assourtment; witness dolphins leaping across the horizon as the sun rise. Simply afordable and worth your while. Who seen it knows it, don’t miss out, book your package today!!!

The number of nights lodging and days fishing specified in your package, 9% hotel tax, sales tax where applicable, three meals per day, transfers from Punta Gorda Airstrip to and from lodge, marine park entry fees, and local Belizean beverages (beer, alcohol, and soda).

International flight to Belize City, round trip air transfers between Belize City and Punta Gorda, imported alcohol, gratuities for guides and staff and non-fishing tours and adventure packages.

A 50% deposit (per angler) of the total package cost for each trip is due within 10 days of booking to secure the reservation. Guides and dates cannot be held or reserved without a deposit. Garbutt’s Fishing Lodge reserves the right to charge a handling fee of $100 per person for date changes after the initial reservation has been made. Full payment is due 90 days prior to departure.