Tierra del Fuego

Aurelia lodge is pleased to offer the opportunity to fish many miles of privately accessed water on the internationally acclaimed Rio Grande, and Rio Menendez rivers, while enjoying the comforts of Aurelia Lodge, and the warm hospitatlity of its staff..

We are sure that you will enjoy both the superb fishing challenges of the Grande and Menendez rivers as well as the outstanding quality of the service, food and accommodations at Aurelia Lodge.

The catch and release is mandatory!

Aurelia Lodge is located approximately 1.15 h from the Airport of Rio Grande, on the island of Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. Aurelia Lodge was built refurbishing the main house of Estancia Rosita, improving the existing building without loosing the charm of traditional Patagonian estancia . Comfortable facilities and the warm attention of our staff will make our guests enjoy. Fishing the Rio Grande is certainly the dream of every angler. The privacy of waters of this legendary river make your stay in Aurelia Lodge an unforgettable experience. The magic of Tierra del Fuego in all its glory.

Aurelia Lodge has 15,000 hectares of land, which include 14 km of the Rio Grande and more than 25 km of the Rio Menendez. Aurelia Lodge has been licensed by the government of Tierra del Fuego to operate as "Aurelia Coto Fishing Lodge". By law the number of fishing lodges authorized to operate in the Rio Grande have been limited to those who until now have the license granted. As a result of this legislation Aurelia Lodge has exclusive fishing rights on both banks of these two rivers . These rivers provide numerous places and pools to delight the fly fisherman.

The catch and release is mandatory!


The ranch house was completely renovated in 2005 using first class materials. It offers accommodation for 12 guests in 4 double bedrooms with private bathroom and a suite with 2 bedrooms and a large shared bathroom. It also has a large waders room, two living rooms, a dining room and a large enclosed barbecue area, with pool table and table for tying flies. The fishing rods are limited to 8 fishermen..

The region and the rivers
This is a sparsely populated territory, occupied by large farms rearing sheep, which share their habitat with guanacos, gray foxes, condors and other species. The Rio Grande runs from West to East. Starting from the White Lake in Chilean Tierra del Fuego and has a length of 160 km. Rio Grande flows into the Atlantic Ocean and the last 70 km it runs in Argentina. Menendez River starts at Lake Deseado and travels 100 km through valleys until flowing into the Rio Grande. Its waters vary from greenish crystal by month and have highly appreciated pools by fishermen.

If you already have fishing permit, do not forget to bring it. Season: The seatrout fishing season in Aurelia begins on 13th January and ends on 30th April.

Fishing Program
After breakfast buffet, the guides will be waiting for you to start the fishing day. This includes lunch in the cabin of the river, on the Rio Grande and time for a refreshing nap to be able to fish until the magic last hour of light. We put a vehicle and a guide for every two fishermen. If you choose to fish the Rio Menendez, you can go for a picnic or join the group of the Rio Grande for lunch and fish the two rivers the same day. After returning to the Aurelia Lodge the delicious three course dinner prepared by our chef is waiting. Lodge water is drinkable but we have mineral water for your convenience. We also offer an alternative programs for non-fishing companions or customers, who can enjoy horseback riding, photo safaris to capture the native fauna and ATV rides.

It is advisable to wear several layers of clothing: fleece vests, thermal underwear, fleece collar, wool socks and a wool cap or polar, in addition to good water and windproof jacket. The dress is casual at the lodge and laundry service is available at an extra cost.

We suggest a tip for guides and staff at the Lodge 10% of the amount paid. Electricity and Communications: Aurelia has Genset (220 volts - 50 cycles) as well as an emergency light system battery. Each bedroom has its phone line and Internet access via Wi-Fi.

We recommend you to bring your prescription drugs. In the Lodge we have some selection of commonly used for headache, stomach problems, muscle aches and others. Insurance - Health Plan: It is advisable to check with your health care provider to verify coverage will in Rio Grande, Tierra del Fuego. Equipment: Rods: Single handed rods: - 8½ to 10 feet, line 8 is ideal. Double handed rods: 13 to 15 feet for lines 8 to 10 will cast more comfortable, especially during the very windy days. Reel: We recommend a strong reel with disc brake and with a minimum capacity of 150 yards of 20-pound backing.

It is recommended to have 3 or 4 lines that suit different water levels and prevailing wind. Floating weight forward lines are generally used, but intermediate lines are also very effective. Floating lines are used when the water is low or in the morning or late evening when the trout swim near the surface. For double handed rods short shooting heads are the most recommended, Salmologic products have been specifically developed and designed for fishing in these waters. Skagit lines and traditional weight forward lines are often used with various sinking tips from sinking 3 to T14 and 17. Leaders / Tippet: Spools of tippet of 30, 20 and 15 pounds. Maxima or suggest Salmologic for use with sinking lines and floating, leaders from 9 to 12 feet with 0x tippet of the same companies.

Breathable waders and wading boots with rubber or felt soles. Capilene pants or polar fleece will make the difference, keeping its temperature when used with Gore-Tex waders. Long stockings wool or fleece. Rain jacket Gore-tex, hooded windbreaker, polarized sunglasses, camera, flashlight, sunscreen, hat, etc.